Cooker Hoods Cleaning

Cooker Hoods Cleaning

The efficiency and safety of the operation of a hood depend to a large extent on a proper maintenance of the equipment and piping. Its presence is indispensable and extremely useful in any type of professional kitchen. However, depending on how often it is used, the type of food prepared and its capacity, regular cooker hood cleaning interventions are needed.

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In the case of HORECA operators, the legislation requires that all cooker hoods be checked and cleaned regularly. Neglecting this aspect of maintenance and safety can increase the risk of food contamination and even a fire.

Thus, especially in the case of commercial operators, in order to prolong the life of hotels, to allow them to operate in optimal parameters and to guarantee the quality of food, it is good to turn to a company specialized in hotel maintenance and cleaning.

Why is it good to clean cooker hoods regularly?

Regular cleaning of cooker hoods is a very good and recommended measure for the maintenance of this type of installation. The application of regular cleaning and sanitation interventions for flue gas and steam exhaust systems prevents wear, unsightly grease deposits and the production of material or human damage related to the outbreak of fires.

Among the benefits of cooker hoods cleaning:

  • better hygiene of the equipment;
  • eliminating the risk of grease deposition and smoking of chimneys and walls;
  • reducing the risk of bacteria and microorganisms that can infest food;
  • prevention of flammable residual deposits;
  • ensures the proper functioning of ventilation systems and proper prevention of fan grip.

Carrying out this type of cooker hoods maintenance and cleaning services prevents the massive deposits of grease and their leakage, ensures a good operation of the installations and a good evacuation of the gases. It is extremely useful for all those who work in the hot food industry, such as restaurants, catering companies, fast food, etc.

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