Over time, many of the arrangements and decorative elements inside or outside a home or building lose their intensity of color and brightness. Environmental factors, ultraviolet radiation and the quality of the paints used contribute a lot to their resistance over time.

Thus, to render the color and new look of some exterior arrangements and pieces of furniture, choose the painting services from SERVICII NON STOP.

When you want quality work done quickly, the usual equipment and techniques cannot guarantee it. In these conditions, the most efficient and safe is to turn to a company specialized in painting, restoration and reconditioning of d├ęcor elements. The range of services available can help you radically change the look of your space, garden or building, giving them back their original colors.

What do the painting works made by Serviciinonstop.ro include?

Finding a person or company to paint with attention and attention to detail is not easy. That is why, whenever you are looking for high-precision painting services, we are at your disposal with a wide range of such works.

We carry out painting and reconditioning works for constructions and households. All those who need special services, qualified painting fences, roofs, doors, carpentry, wooden or metal objects can call us.

To guarantee the desired results, we use high-performance equipment and quality paints, which correspond to the recommendations and preferences and last as long as possible. Our experienced staff will always pay due attention to all the details.

We make high quality works and finishes, with materials from well-known manufacturers, in ranges and colors that correspond to the other elements of arrangement and decoration.

Over 100 customers choose this service each year!

To make sure you make the best decisions, we can advise you on:

  • the purchasing the best interior and exterior paints;
  • the purchase of special paints, with increased resistance to moisture, ultraviolet, permeable, etc.;
  • finding the most suitable shades and types of paints;
  • choosing the techniques that give the best results;
  • the calculation of the amount of paint are needed depending on the number of applications and surface area.

If you take into account as many aspects as possible, from the type of material, the appearance of the surface, the climatic conditions, extreme phenomena, etc., the works will be more resistant.

Why choose dye-works services from SERVICII NON STOP?

Not everyone can do certain types of work. Even if it seems simple, professional painting of surfaces involves more than applying layers of paint. In many cases it is necessary to clean and level the respective surfaces, to apply a solution to ensure a better adhesion of the paint and the most appropriate and durable paints over time.

We at Serviciinonstop.ro have both qualified personnel for painting and detailed knowledge of all necessary materials, solutions and equipment. We can perform both manual painting and spray painting work.

The experience of the staff, the techniques used and the paints used will make the work easier and will bring you the desired results faster.

The ServiciiNonStop.ro team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.