Electricity Services

Electricity Services

Our daily comfort is largely ensured by electrical installations and consumers. Based on this type of energy works most of the equipment, electronic products and appliances that we use at work and at home. Therefore, in addition to the interest of benefiting from the most advantageous supply contract, the care to have the safest electricity system is a priority. However, in order to maintain and repair it safely, we must always turn to specialists.

What are the electricity services offered by Serviciinonstop.ro?

A large part of the services related to the supply of electricity is not provided by the company with which you have a contract. Thus, when something goes wrong or does not work properly, you need an electrician. As finding a serious electricity company or a professional can be a great challenge, do not hesitate to call us!

The electricity services that you can benefit from through us are:

  • the repair and maintenance of interior and exterior electrical installations;
  • the execution of electrical connections;
  • the installation of electrical panels;
  • the installation of earth sockets;
  • the lightning installation;
  • the realization of projects of electrical lighting installations;
  • the implementation of interior and exterior lighting installation project;
  • the risk assessment of electrical installations;
  • rapid interventions for electrical installations;
  • the overhaul and maintenance of electrical installations.

So, if you want to avoid unpleasant surprises and a lightning strike or a short circuit to cause significant material damage, you need to keep in your agenda the contact from our electrical services company.

Temporary shutdown of equipment, electronics and appliances or even the entire business can cause significant losses. Let us not forget the risk of a fire, the negative effects of which can hardly be recovered.

Why choose for electricity services from Serviciinonstop.ro?

Because we know how important it is to turn to a reliable company that will intervene promptly to solve any electrical problem, our offer includes certified electricity services.

Over 200 customers choose this service every year!

Thanks to our experienced electricians we have managed to always stay with our customers, legal entities and households. The fact that we were able to help them quickly with urgent projects and interventions contributed a lot to the growth of our reputation. Solving problems related to the malfunction or improper operation of this type of installation has always been left to us with confidence.

That is why we recommend all domestic and industrial users not to cut from the list the obligation to perform regular overhauls and to have an electricity maintenance company to work with permanently. Maintenance and prevention are the safest way to prevent power outages or fires.

Thus, to avoid any risk, contact us to make sure that your installation has everything it needs to be safe and guarantee a smooth and trouble-free operation.

The ServiciiNonStop.ro team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.