General Cleaning

Strict hygiene and impeccable cleanliness have recently become some of the most pressing issues related to the maintenance of the spaces where we live, work or spend our time. Carrying out this type of cleaning requires a lot of care, attention to detail and the use of the most efficient solutions and equipment. That is why, if you want a general cleaning as per the book, it is safest to turn to a company specialized in providing this type of service.

Over 550 customers choose this service every year!

Periodic and regular general cleaning is extremely useful and important for maintaining optimal working and living conditions. An airy, sanitized space with a pleasant smell will always influence the mood and productivity at work. But in order to have this kind of ambiance, it takes good hours to work or simply, a company specialized in providing general cleaning services.

What does our general cleaning service mean?

General cleaning is that kind of cleaning of the space in which due attention is paid to all surfaces and places that are difficult to access. It is usually done using solutions with a higher power of sanitation, scrapers, accessories and cleaning equipment with increased efficiency. From such a type of cleaning it is mandatory to wash the windows, clean the walls, corners and lighting fixtures.

Here are the general cleaning services offered by our professional cleaning services company:

  • complete sanitation and disinfection of bathrooms;
  • sanitation and disinfection of floors with professional products;
  • washing and disinfecting carpets or rugs, if applicable;
  • washing and sanitizing chairs, armchairs, sofas;
  • vacuuming hard-to-reach walls, ceiling and areas;
  • dust removal from hard to reach surfaces;
  • cleaning of lighting fixtures;
  • washing glazed surfaces;
  • cleaning and disinfection of doors, frames and handles;
  • cleaning and sanitizing office equipment;
  • cleaning and disinfection of kitchens and appliances;
  • washing and disinfecting rubbish bins and garbage collection sites.

All these actions and interventions are meant to achieve a thorough and detailed sanitation of all elements of arrangement, decoration and furniture.

Why request a general cleaning from

Whether you need a general cleaning at home, in the office, at a HORECA unit, in a shopping center or for a production hall, a team can help you quickly enjoy the desired positive results.

Because we know how important it is to benefit quickly and safely from the most appropriate services, we have included in our offer professional general cleaning services.

In this regard we can provide you with:

  • trained and experienced staff;
  • apparatus and equipment from recognized companies in the field;
  • detergents of the highest quality, which comply with all environmental protection regulations;
  • solutions tested and adapted to the type of surfaces for which they are recommended;
  • a personalized general cleaning program;
  • supervision of works.

In order to provide an additional guarantee for the services provided, we mention that we have authorizations and certifications for each of the types of services we perform.

The team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.