H.S.W. Services

H.S.W. Services

Ensuring the safest working conditions and ensuring the necessary work environment to maintain health and productivity, is a normality for any company or company that respects itself. There must be no obligation of laws or regulations to want to provide employees with the most suitable work environment. And this is made possible only by calling and applying H.S.W.

The protection of health and safety at work, as well as the organization of all necessary aspects, both according to the law and from a professional point of view, are very important for the image of a company and for its attractiveness on the job market.

Only with a complete H.S.W. file and with H.S.W. consulting and training services, you have the full certainty that you can prevent accidents at work. By training on how to avoid accidents at work, your employees will surely be more protected. And whatever happens, the company will not be able to be accused of non-compliance with labor protection laws.

What do the S.S.M services offered by us, those from SERVICII NON STOP?

According to the legislation in force, all institutions, companies and organizations in Romania are obliged to train their staff and to organize the regular training of employees on safety and health at work. This can be done by hiring a person specialized in H.S.W. or entrusting these services to an authorized company.

Because we know how important it is to have the necessary measures for this type of activity, our company offers you outsourced H.S.W. services, based on a contract.

Our offer includes the following activities:

  • obtaining H.S.W. permits;
  • preparation of specific documentation, respectively training documents, training topics, organization provisions, etc.;
  • risk assessment of occupational injury and illness;
  • drafting prevention and protection plans at work;
  • training and testing employees on occupational safety rules;
  • preparation of reports in order to eliminate the non-conformities found;
  • organization or appointment of an occupational safety and health committee;
  • communication, research and approval of work accidents;
  • company representation at the controls performed by the representatives of the Territorial Labor Inspectorate;
  • performing specific occupational safety and health audit.

Laws on occupational safety, health and safety, emergencies and occupational medicine are often very complex and difficult to implement without an authorized and experienced person. The implications of non-compliance can lead to warnings and even substantial fines.

Why choose H.S.W. offered by Serviciinonstop.ro?

To avoid any problems related to the protection of staff and their safety at work, it is good to turn to specialists. In this sense, our company is authorized by the Ministry of Labor and the I.S.U. to provide complete services in the field of protection and safety at work.

We have been present on the Romanian market for over 16 years and we can provide specific services, wherever you request us in the country. We check and organize occupational health and safety services at the national level.

The ServiciiNonStop.ro team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.