Industrial Climbing

In contrast with rock climbing practiced as a sport (hobby), industrial climbing (rope access) is a necessary profession, without which, we would not be able to solve certain problems at high standards and… in high places.

Nonetheless, they do have something in common: both require performance, adequate equipment, safety measures and efficiency.

But what does “working at heights” mean? Simply put, it means working at over 2 meters high, on buildings or even rocks or ice, for building rehabilitation, grooming trees, mounting or dismounting antennas, banners, billboards and last, but not least, saving stuck animals or even people from accidentally blocked buildings.

You can find more details about industrial climbers’ activity, and as such, about our full rope access services below:

  • tree grooming and trimming;
  • insulation and waterproofing works;
  • plasterwork;
  • exterior thermal insulation (polystyrene cladding);
  • mounting / dismounting antennas;
  • installing / uninstalling banners and billboards;
  • icicles removal;
  • façade cleaning and maintenance;
  • special assistance (stuck animals, accidentally locked buildings, etc.);

Shortly put, industrial climbing done by professionals at sustainable prices!

To guarantee you the best possible services, we use high-quality materials and state of the art equipment compliant with international standards. And besides this, our over 16 years of experience will make the difference when it comes to performance! Not to mention our advantageous fees and the high degree of availability!

We help over 500 customers every year!

Heights are not your best friends and industrial climbing seems a drudgery for you? No problem! For us everything is possible, which is why we do not shy away even from work at heights! Regular cleaning or maintenance? This is our job! Our objective is that everything that surrounds you to be clean and aesthetically pleasing. Our specialized rope access technicians are great at what they do and high buildings (and not only) will look as new with our help! Contact us anytime!

Grooming and trimming trees must take into consideration multiple factors, such as the tree species, the placement area and the time of the year. The aesthetic appearance, but also the health of the trees is at the core of this activity. Each tree is unique and should be treated as such and our experts know exactly how to do this.

Regarding insulations/hydro insulations, both interior and exterior, our technicians use high quality materials and their experience and efficiency ensure a resistant and durable result. The insulation represents a finishing work for buildings and might have a functional, decorative or hygienic sanitary purpose. It might keep the warmth inside the house (thermal insulation) or it might keep the noise out of the house (sound insulation) or it can help keep the right humidity percent (hydrothermal insulation), etc. Plaster is also a finish applied on brick, concrete, stone, and it has properties which provide thermal and sound insulation, in addition to the decorative role.

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