Infectious Waste Management

It is legally mandatory to selectively collect, retrieve, transport and dispose of the waste resulted from medical and clinical activities. This type of services must be performed with the highest degree of caution and responsibility and, of course, with the help of a company authorised in infectious waste disposal.

What is infectious waste?

Infectious waste is a dangerous subcategory of clinical or medical waste. This group includes all residue and organic & inorganic waste resulted from the activities caried out in hospitals, clinics, health units, emergency departments, diagnostics and research centres, etc

Types of infectious waste:

  • waste which contains or came in contact with blood or other bodily fluids, viruses, parasites and/or toxins from microorganisms;
  • perfusion devices and tubular elements, recipients which contained blood or other bodily fluids, operating fields, disposable gloves, probes;
  • disposable materials, compresses, wound dressing, band aids and other contaminated materials;
  • dialysis membranes, urine collection plastic bags, used laboratory materials, diapers from patients in infectious disease-specific health facilities or wards;
  • animal corpses resulted from research and experimentation.

Because of the high health & environmental risk posed by an inadequate handling of infectious waste, the legislation for its collection, storage and disposal is extremely strict. Failing to comply with the rules in force, irresponsibility and the absence of a contract with a company certified in infectious waste disposal, are punishable under applicable law.

Why choose for infectious waste disposal services?

Only an authorised contractor may help you with the transportation, storage and disposal of infectious waste. This activity can be carried out only by instructed personnel and special vans which guarantee maximum safety and proper handling during the collection and delivery of the hazardous waste to a specialised disposal centre.

Our team at SERVICII NON STOP has the right certification, transportation, tools and personnel for properly carrying out the activities related to infectious disease disposal.

We have the necessary experience and certifications for infectious waste collection, handling and transport throughout Romania. The personnel in charge of carrying out these operations are very familiar with the procedures and act responsibly throughout the process, from waste collection to the final disposal.

We can sign and honour contracts and orders throughout the entire country. We collect all types of infectious or hazardous waste resulting from medical activities in hospitals, clinics, analysis centres, laboratories and veterinary clinics. All procedures will be conducted in accordance with a clearly established protocol and in accordance with applicable national law.

We provide infectious waste retrieval and collection services on an order or contract basis, wherever necessary, while also guaranteeing seriousness, professionalism, promptness, respect for the environment and advantageous costs. You can get in touch with us anytime should you require more information or help for infectious waste disposal services!

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