Labor Medicine

Labor Medicine

Occupational health is an extremely important aspect for work efficiency and as few absences as possible. If the initial examination is done thoroughly and the specific assessment is scheduled regularly, job satisfaction and employment will be without serious health problems. And this is possible only with specialized occupational medicine services.

Periodic inspection and surveillance of workers' health contributes to maintaining the health and working capacity of workers and ensures the prevention, detection and timely treatment of occupational diseases. The more timely and regular they are, the greater the aptitude for work and the much lower the incidence of interruptions.

According to the responsibilities, obligations and responsibilities in the job description, the regular evaluation of the employees in order to maintain the work capacity, allows a better development of the activity in the profession or position they hold.

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Occupational medicine is a medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and management of occupational diseases, accidents at work and health insurance to reduce occupational hazards and increase productivity at work.

Our services, in accordance with the laws and regulations in force, offer:

  • on-the-job medical examination to determine fitness for work, by occupation and risk exposure record;
  • periodic medical check-up for health reassessment;
  • medical examination at the resumption of activity in the case of persons who have interrupted work for more than 30 days, for medical reasons;
  • adaptation medical examination, which establishes the fitness for work of persons employed in places with proven or potential occupational risk;
  • monitoring the health of employees by recording medical leave certificates and monitoring the evolution of diseases;
  • professional counseling and the recommendation of professional reorientation in case of work accidents.

Upon completion of occupational medicine examinations, the employee and the employer will receive a medical record with the result of the evaluation, which mentions the aptitude for the job, according to the profession and position held. Recommendations on adaptation to work, reducing the risk of occupational diseases or physical or psychological overload may also be provided.

Why choose for occupational medicine from SERVICII NON STOP?

Our staff providing this type of medical services is qualified and able to guarantee both a specialized examination and counseling on prevention and health at work. The results will always be impartial, without benefiting either employees or employers.

All those involved will be properly informed about the effects of work on health, but also the effects of health on work. Through the services provided, we will manage and solve all health problems and reduce the number of unpleasant events..

The advantage of our occupational medicine services are:

  • Increasing the efficiency of the activity carried out by the employees;
  • Reducing the number of days off work;
  • Verification and approval of medical leave;
  • Occupational medicine examinations, including at the employer's premises, where possible.

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