Metal Thermal Protection

Metal Thermal Protection

Increasing fire safety involves a number of measures that should be of concern to all property and building owners. The application of fireproofing solutions and treatments, right from the construction phase, contributes a lot to limiting the risks and reducing the danger of a fire spreading. The metal thermal protection process is extremely useful and effective in this case.

During fires, material damage can be greatly reduced if the resistance structure is not affected. Thus, in the case of constructions on a metal structure, the application of thermal foam paints can contribute a lot to keeping the building standing longer and to an easier restoration after the event.

How are the metal thermal protection treatments from performed?

Reducing the loss of material goods and human lives can be greatly reduced by applying fire retardant treatments on the metal structure of buildings. Thermal protection of metals is a very good process and is a method by which thermal foam paints are applied on metal structures or other metal elements. Their role is to provide protection to the treated surfaces and to prevent a large fire.

Thus, if the flames reach these metals, the thermosetting paints that are applied on their surface expand and prevent the ignition of the metal structure. They also limit the spread of flames to other structures.

In order for the metal thermal protection process to proceed normally and to be as efficient as possible, the following steps must be observed:

  • cunoașterea datelor tehnice despre structura care urmează să fie tratată;
  • knowledge of technical data about the structure to be treated;
  • surface or work surface preparation;
  • metal priming;
  • effective thermal protection;
  • application of protective varnish.

The works must be carried out only by companies authorized by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and will be completed with the preparation of a technical file, containing all the necessary information related to the operation.

We at SERVICII NON STOP have both the authorization and the necessary experience to carry out any type of metal fireproofing and thermal protection works. Our company performs interventions and treatments for any type of metal structures, which comply with the most specific requirements in force.

We only use U.E. certified thermal paints. and approved by the Romanian authorities. The color palette available is very diverse, the colors can be adapted to any type of construction, with any type of design.

Why choose our metal thermal protection services?

Because fire safety is often conditioned by the quality of the work performed, it is best to turn to authorized companies with experience in carrying out this type of activity.

We at carry out metal thermal protection works that correspond to all legal regulations and all the requirements of the beneficiaries. The parts we can heat treat are: poles, beams, electrical cables and metal installations.

In this sense we use only qualified personnel, coordinated by a supervisor, solutions and thermo-foaming paints of the best quality, equipment and instruments to guarantee the final result. The advantages that can be obtained by fireproof treatment of metal surfaces are undeniable and can significantly reduce the risks and damages involved.

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