P.S.I. Services

Ensuring fire prevention and safety involves implementing specific legislation and purchasing appropriate PSI materials from certified sources. Often the responsibility for training, actions and procurement lies with an authorized person or an institution. That is why we at SERVICII NON STOP, in order to be always protected and legally, we provide you with P.S.I.

All civil and industrial constructions need a PSI approval to function. Thus, any institution, company, organization is obliged by law to prepare the necessary PSI documentation, which takes into account the particularities of the location used, the field of activity and the number of employees.

What do the PSI services performed by Servciinonstop.ro involve?

The first thing you need to do regarding the application of the PSI rules is to draw up a file containing all the documents for organizing the activities specific to the field of emergency situations. Its complexity and compliance with applicable laws require:

  • designating those responsible and establishing the responsibilities of each employee with regard to fire protection;
  • preparation of authorization documents: decisions, dispositions, decisions, etc.;
  • making evacuation plans;
  • organizing the intervention in case of fire;
  • preparation of the objective sheet.

Thus, if you do not have an authorized and experienced person in the company to handle this process, you will have to turn to a company that offers PSI services.

In this regard, here is what our PSI service offer includes:

  • consulting and preparation of PSI documentation;
  • staff training and completion of training sheets;
  • drawing up a plan with the technical intervention equipment necessary in case of emergency situations;
  • supply of PSI equipment and materials;
  • updating the PSI file;
  • consultancy for the realization of the evacuation plan and exercises;
  • conducting periodic trainings;
  • planning and execution of periodic inspections;
  • checking and replacing non-compliant equipment;
  • maintenance, repair and filling of defective or worn PSI materials;
  • representation at ISU controls.

Why choose PSI services in the SERVICII NON STOP offer?

Our company offers all companies and institutions consulting and authorized PSI equipment. Our experts can advise and provide you with ongoing support in preparing the ISU file, in training staff and in choosing the type and number of specific materials required.

Based on a preliminary fire risk assessment of the building space, we can come up with proposals and economical solutions, at competitive and advantageous prices. Depending on the type of location, area, activity and destination, we can provide you with everything you need for fire protection and safety.

We provide documentation preparation, verification and maintenance services for PSI materials. We guarantee the legality of the steps and the correct operation of all equipment. We can also advise you on the allocation of the most suitable places to place the materials, in the most visible and immediately accessible areas.

You can also call us with confidence for the installation and maintenance of outdoor or indoor hydrants. We keep a record of the inspection, operation and maintenance of all equipment.

The ServiciiNonStop.ro team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.