Plumbing Services

Comfort is the main aspect we want from a home nowadays. And this would not be possible without sanitary installations made according to current standards, with a team of professionals. Everything related to the proper functioning of the water circuits in the bathroom, kitchen, air conditioning system and domestic water drainage belongs to this category.

By sanitary installations we mean all the pipes and tubes in a house, whatever their destination and functionality. These are the modern solutions for the water and heat needs of a family property, houses, villas, block of flats, etc. And it is very important to be designed and implemented by specialists who know what needs to be done to respect the structure, design and aesthetics of a home.

What are the main types of works that fall into the category of sanitary installations from Servicii Non Stop?

In order to have the desired safety and comfort of a home, the execution and maintenance of sanitary installations plays an important role. The quality of the design and the materials used, the implementation of the work and the finishes contribute a lot to the general aspect of the arrangements and to their resistance in time.

The two main types of plumbing, depending on where they are used, are:

  • Indoor plumbing – this is the network that supports the water circuit inside the house/office/building;
  • Outdoor plumbing – these include all pipes and tubes that are installed outside the home/office/building.

The prices of the works can vary depending on the complexity of the project, the type of materials used, the quality of the chosen pipes and tubes, technical specifications, needs and labor.

The proper functioning of any of these networks involves a series of specific works, namely:

  • the design, installation and installation of sanitary installations;
  • the installation and repair of water leaks, installation of siphons, cleaning and unclogging of sewer pipes or leaks in the bathroom and kitchen;
  • the installation of bathtubs, showers, sinks;
  • the installation and repair of pipes for drinking or waste water, of copper, steel, plastic, polypropylene, plywood, fittings, o-rings, threads, accessories for directing or redirecting pipes, according to the project;
  • the installation of sanitary taps and faucets of all types;
  • the installation of embedded systems in the bathroom with plasterboard materials, in order to give a more practical shape to the bathrooms;
  • the installation and repair of water meters.

Our teams also take care of everything related to the interior design and finishing after performing installation and repair of the sanitary installation.

Why choose plumbing works from Serviciinonstop?

The services offered by the plumbers working in our teams are authorized by ANRE and executed according to projects and recommendations guaranteed by a specialist. We execute a complete range of sanitary installation and arrangement services, which correspond as well as possible to the needs and requirements of the beneficiaries and which produce as little disturbance as possible.

We offer consultancy and warranty for all work performed. Costs with materials and labor are adapted to the Romanian market. All works are carried out according to technical specifications, quickly and efficiently by certified installers.

The team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.