PRAM Services

Avoiding any risk of accidents at work is mandatory for any company, company or economic agent. One of the most dangerous is electric shock. That is why the periodic inspection of sockets, electrical installations, earths, panels, lightning rods and other power systems is regulated by law. However, this must be performed only by companies certified in the performance of PRAM services, with ANRE authorized electricians.

Electrical installations or work equipment must also be checked at the reception, before commissioning and then periodically during operation. The operation must be repeated after each repair or modification. It is prohibited and punishable by law to energize the installation, machinery or equipment that did not comply with one of the PRAM checks.

What are PRAM checks and to whom do they apply?

In principle, all components and systems connected to the current or operating on the basis of current must be regularly subject to PRAM verification services. The checks include a wide range of electrical measurements, low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage PRAM works, transformers, AAR, circuit breakers, etc.

The most common PRAM measurements are on the low voltage side and involve:

  • dispersion resistance at grounding or lightning protection;
  • insulation resistance of electrical cables;
  • continuity check for earth connections for 230V and 400V sockets, equipment, electrical panels, etc.;
  • phase sequence check and RST phase balancing;
  • Checking the circuit breakers with the power supply kit;
  • 10/30/300 mA differential protection check;
  • PAT measurements, leakage currents, power, etc.;
  • imperfect contact detection;
  • checking soil resistivity for the design phase of natural or artificial earthing;
  • delimitation of medium voltage electrical installation and low voltage measuring and protection block.

The components and equipment of electrical systems, most frequently checked are:

  • grounding and lightning protection;
  • interior earthing belts in buildings;
  • electric panels;
  • “PE” terminal blocks in electrical switchboards;
  • secondary electrical panels;
  • 230V single-phase sockets, 400V three-phase sockets;
  • electrical extensions;
  • electrical insulating floors;
  • machinery, engines, equipment, installations, pumps;
  • generator sets etc.

PRAM checks shall be completed with a PRAM bulletin or periodic verification report, accompanied by the PRAM opinion or PRAM certificate, which must contain all the information required by the specific legislation.

Why use the PRAM services from

To avoid fines and not to witness unwanted events and accidents at work, it is good to always follow the legal provisions and rules. That's why we at SERVICII NON STOP offer you a complete range of authorized PRAM services, made only with experienced electricians. The prices are advantageous, the programming can be done quickly, according to the ISO 17025 certification.

The purpose of the PRAM checks offered by our teams is:

  • Prevention of electric shock to personnel using the electrical installation and electrical work equipment.
  • Prevention of the risk of burning buildings.
  • Prevention of destruction of electrical and electronic equipment.
  • Removal of defective installations and components that are not working properly or with a high degree of wear.

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