Materiale PSI

All public utility buildings, shopping malls, parking lots and residential areas are required by law to have PSI equipment on premises. Their existence, their correct location, their operation and their knowledge of how to use them are extremely useful in the event of a fire.

Their rapid action contributes decisively to reducing the risk of a fire spreading and to causing as little material damages and human fatalities as possible.

Thus, any civil or industrial construction used must have, depending on the area and the type of activity, one or more fire prevention and extinguishing materials.

In order to be truly useful and effective, it must be kept under warranty and fully functional. PSI equipment must only be purchased, maintained and supplied by authorized and specialized companies.

What are the main PSI equipment you can buy from

PSI equipment are mandatory and indispensable for ensuring fire prevention and extinguishing. They reduce the risks of spreading and spreading a fire, allowing the saving of goods and human lives. Their procurement is the responsibility of the administrators of companies or properties.

Here are the main types of PSI equipment:

1. Extinguishers or fire extinguishers

  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers, in which the extinguishing agent is bottled under pressure;
  • Extinguishers with aeromechanical or mechanical powder or foam, in which the pressure is provided by the propellant gas, which is introduced into the body of the extinguisher at the time of use;
  • Permanently pressurized fire extinguishers with a propellant gas or mixtures of such gases: air, argon, carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen.

2. Hydrants and hydrant accessories:

Hydrants are installations and devices connected to main water sources, with continuous supply, used to prevent and extinguish fires. They are made of cast iron. Their classification is based on location, applicability and functionality.

Depending on the location, there are two types:

  • Outdoor hydrants;;
  • Indoor hydrants.

Depending on the applicability, they are divided into:

  • Surface hydrants - They provide water supply for special equipment that can be operated against fire, but can also be used for other applications, authorized in certain situations.
  • Underground hydrants - The underground external hydrants are located on the main pipelines, serving the purpose of extinguishing fires and facilitating the connection with the portable hydrants that the fire crews have.
  • Portable hydrants - They are the ones who ensure the water supply of the special fire extinguishing equipment..

Wherever they are installed, the hydrants must be fully equipped with all the necessary accessories, respectively: elbow for those located outside, and for those inside: elbow and a protection box, which must include: hydrant valves with fixed connection, discharge hose, discharge pipes, tap fittings and connection key.

3. Other PSI accessories and equipment:

  • Sorbent or dispenser;
  • PSI tools: 2m tail rod, tail spade, bucket, tail shovel, crowbar and ax, PSI tail pickaxe;
  • Sand boxes;
  • PSI pickets;
  • Hydrant box;
  • PSI hoses;
  • Pipes;
  • Pipe reductions;
  • Discharge pipes.

How can we at SERVICII NON STOP help you?

As we have staff with the necessary experience and authorization, our company can help you with everything you need to benefit from the safest working conditions and maximum fire safety.

Our services include:

  • Complete PSI consulting and services;
  • Supply of PSI materials and equipment;
  • P.S.I. Services and Documentation;
  • Accessible marking of PSI equipment;
  • Proper location of PSI equipment and ensuring accessibility;
  • Checking the technical condition of all PSI equipment;
  • Repair and replacement of defective PSI components and equipment.

For advice and additional information do not hesitate to contact us! We respond promptly to any request for quotation and we deal professionally with any type of services for the purchase, verification and repair of PSI equipment.

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