Recyclable Waste Management

It’s up to each of us to live in a less polluted world, by carefully collecting and recycling as much as possible of the waste resulted from the household and busines activities. Accountability and recourse to recyclable waste collection services are very important in order to succeed in recycling as much as possible and to reach the national targets.

Romania must pay each year high value penalties due to lack of efficient waste management measures and programs. Therefore, no matter if you represent an institution, company or factory or would require support for your own household waste management, do not hesitate to contact us for advice and support in creating the best management plan for all types of recyclable waste.

What types of recyclable waste are we managing?

Recyclable waste may constitute the raw material for a new production process or for obtaining the initial product. They can source from individual households, as well as companies.

By selectively collecting, sorting and recovering such products, we can significantly reduce the raw materials waste and decrease the negative impact which trash has over the environment.

The most common three types of recyclable waste are:

  • paper and cardboard;
  • plastic and metal;
  • glass;
  • used/burnt oils or mineral oils;
  • batteries and accumulators;
  • light bulbs and fluorescent tubes;
  • printer cartridges and toners;
  • electronic and household appliances.

All this trash and waste must be collected, sorted into categories and taken over by a company specialised in this type of services in order to ensure the highest degree of recycling efficiency.

Why choose for recyclable waste management?

No matter if we find ourselves at our workplace or at home, we should pay attention to the waste we leave behind us. Throwing all types of trash in the same place has a great negative impact on the world around us and contributes to landfills overcrowding and to pollution.

The whole waste management process will benefit greatly if you employ the services of a certified company, with experienced personnel for this type of services who can help you with the right measures and information on recyclable waste.

SERVICIINONSTOP.RO is a professional service provider, with all the necessary authorizations, logistics capabilities and equipment for handling, transport, recovery or destruction of any type of waste. We can support you with a one-time service or regular waste collection sessions, depending on your needs.

You can expect the highest quality standards for your project, whether we are talking about household or hazardous waste management. Our offer of recyclable waste collection services is addressed to industrial users, companies, institutions and individuals. We offer different services packages, standard or custom, with particularly advantageous prices. Feel free to contact us anytime should you require more details about our recyclable waste management specialised services.

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