Road Markings

For road safety and the best possible traffic, adequate and visible traffic signs and markings are needed. Whether we are talking about a parking lot or an easement road, fairness, quality and execution must meet a number of standards, which make them really useful. Therefore, if you need a team to take care of the application and implementation of a road marking project, call us at with confidence.

A new service offered by at nationwide

Currently, there are many solutions and techniques for making road markings. Depending on the utility, the place of application, traffic, visibility and durability you can opt for several types of workmanship and materials.

What are the types of road markings offered by

We can make road markings for any type of parking, be they on land, above ground or underground, for easement roads, access roads from private or corporate areas. Our offer is addressed to shops, supermarkets, residential areas, office buildings, etc.

We perform the following specific types of work:

  • Conventional road markings, with conventional paint based on organic solvent or water
  • Road markings with thermoplastic paint, hot application;
  • Road markings with two-component systems, with two-component paint, with cold application;
  • Road markings such as thermoplastic carpets, with non-slip thermoplastic material;
  • Prefabricated road markings,with thermoplastic preformed elements that are applied hot.

We make longitudinal, transverse and guide markings, with the following specifications:

  • Longitudinal markings can be used to separate traffic directions, lanes of the same direction or to delimit the roadway;
  • Cross markings are used for stopping, giving way, crossing for pedestrians, crossing for cyclists;
  • Guide markings for forbidden spaces, no parking, parking spaces, arrows or inscriptions.

To ensure standard quality we guarantee:

  • the width of the marking strip will always be 15 cm;
  • the marking is executed according to the provisions of SR 1848 / 7-2004;
  • the thickness of the wet paint film is 500 - 600 microns;
  • the ambient temperature will be at least 10ºC, and the temperature of the substrate on which the paint is applied, at least 13ºC pe care se aplică vopseaua, de cel puțin 13ºC.

Why choose Servicii Non Stop for road marking?

We are a dynamic team, made up of skilled workers, who can provide consulting, design and execution of road marking works. As we know how important it is to provide customers with the best possible solutions, at competitive and advantageous prices, we are always up to date with the latest techniques and materials available on the market.

The main reasons to choose us for road markings are:

  • we follow the exact specifications of the project and all the necessary norms for the efficiency of the circulation;
  • we use only high resistance certified methods and solutions;
  • we carefully prepare the surfaces on which the marking is applied;
  • we apply to the optimal dosage of paint or microbes;
  • we respect the norms of labor protection and accident prevention;
  • we use mechanized equipment to perform all operations.

The team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.