Rodent Control

Rodent Control

The emergence, spread and proliferation of mice, rats and other rodents pose a major threat to our comfort and for public health safety. In addition to the unpleasant presence, they can also contribute to the transmission of diseases, viruses and infections. Therefore, the periodic and preventive interventions of Rodent Control and Rodent Control services are not only mandatory but also necessary.

The risk of the reappearance and spread of rodents is a permanent one in the case of large urban agglomerations, food depots or silos. In the case of public institutions, schools, restaurants, food production and storage units, the periodic interventions of disinfection, disinfection and rodent control interventions is even mandatory by law.

Wherever there is abundant food, the possibility of the appearance and proliferation of pests also increases. Their presence is a permanent health hazard and can cause significant economic losses. Often contagious diseases such as food poisoning, leptospirosis, trichinylosis, brucellosis, viral gastroenteritis, foot-and-mouth disease, anthrax, etc. are transmitted by rats and mice.

In order to uphold the law, maximum efficiency and risk reduction of any kind, it is best to carry out this type of rodent control as often as possible and to use the specialized and authorized services of a rodent control company.

What is the rodent control operation?

Insect Control is a physical and chemical destruction of mice, rats and other forms of rodents. It aims to prevent, suppress and reduce the proliferation of this type of pest.

The intervention on rodents contributes to the sanitation of the affected areas, the cleaning of the environment and to the health protection of the of people and pets.

In urban areas, because food sources are permanent, varied and plentiful, rodent control can be done throughout the year. In the case of silos or agricultural land, rodent control operations are recommended to be carried out in late spring and autumn, when the animals come out of their hiding places in search of food and are more vulnerable.

For an effective Rodent Control operation, the destruction of rodents and the maintenance of low numbers of rodents, it is necessary to permanently apply complex measures. The most used methods are:

  • decological rodent control - which consists in trapping rodents, followed by their collection, transport and incineration;
  • chemical rodent control - consists in the use of poisonous substances, located in perimeter poisoning stations;
  • mixed rodent control - which uses in combination both ecological rodent control and chemical rodent control.

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