Extinguishing fires in the outbreak phase and minimizing material damage can be achieved by installing a sprinkler system. Along with fire extinguishers and hydrants, they are some of the most practical and safe means of preventing and extinguishing fires in the initial phases. Their presence can make the big difference between a simple incident and a large-scale ignition.

Equipping with sprinklers can be done only with the help of specialized companies, which deal with the design, installation, testing and maintenance of such P.S.I. . Only certified teams with qualified and experienced personnel should supervise the implementation and maintenance of sprinkler installations.

What is a sprinkler system and what are the most used types?

A sprinkler extinguisher is a heat-sensitive device, specially designed to react automatically to a predetermined temperature, by releasing a stream of water that it distributes evenly at ground level. Sprinkler extinguishing systems are designed to equip automatic fixed fire extinguishing systems, have the role of detecting a fire outbreak, giving an alarm and extinguishing it in the debut phase.

Sprinklers do not completely eliminate the need for equipment with other extinguishing systems. In order to be truly effective, it is good to be part of a general plan of means and materials for fire prevention and extinguishing.

Proper operation is essential for their usefulness and it is mandatory that the system is well maintained by a company or a qualified person with experience in checking and repairing such installations.

The most used sprinklers installations are:

  • wet sprinkler system, used to protect heated objects, industrial buildings, warehouses, shopping malls, office spaces,;
  • dry sprinklers system, filled with pressurized air, intended for spaces and non-thermally insulated warehouses, loading ramps, common garages and all spaces where the temperature can drop below freezing.

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Our company is authorized to design and commission any extinguishing system of this type. We have in our team professionals and qualified personnel, able to handle all authorizations and commissioning stages of such a project of extinguishing installations.

We can take care of the design and maintenance of sprinkler systems, taking into account all the rules in force, the fire resistance of the building structure, escape routes, fire alarm systems, the number of indoor hydrants, fire extinguishers and other specific hazards.

Our company offers to all companies, organizations, shopping centers, institutions, etc. a diverse range of such sprinkler solutions and installations. Our experts can advise you and offer you permanent support in choosing the type and number of sprinklers you need, for any type of space, surface, type of activity and destination.

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