Thermal Installations

The comfort and air quality in our homes has changed significantly due to the appearance and increase in performance of the types of heating systems we use. A stove, a gas boiler, condensate, pellets, a fireplace or a heat pump facilitate the production of hot water and provide the heat we need so much in the colder seasons. However, for their safety and proper functioning, the intervention of specialists is constantly needed.

What are the main types of works that fall into the category of thermal installations from Servicii Non Stop?

Today's modern homes have more and more energy-efficient boilers and heating systems. In order to consume less, to give the optimal efficiency and not to fail, it is necessary to choose from the beginning the most suitable variant for the type and size of the space they are going to serve.

And, as in the case of any installation that is subject to risks, the design, maintenance and upkeep of thermal installations are just as important.

In this sense, here is what we at SERVICII NON STOP offer you:

  • realization of thermal installation projects;
  • specialized consultancy for the selection and installation of thermal;
  • installation and repair of heating installations;
  • installation of radiators with steel, aluminum, cast iron and tubing panels;
  • installation and replacement of taps, pipes or pipe segments;
  • installation of wall heating plants for apartments, houses, halls, office buildings, air conditioning systems;
  • installation of pressure or non-pressure water heaters, instantaneous electric boilers or heaters;
  • installation and maintenance of pumps for the circulation of the thermal agent in the heating installations;
  • installation and maintenance of underfloor heating systems.

The main types of installations and heating systems we work with are:

  • Conventional thermal power plants;
  • Thermal power plants on solid or liquid fuel;
  • Gas, condensing, electric boilers;
  • Wood or pellet boilers;
  • Heat pumps;
  • Methane gas installations, stoves, gas detectors, rectifiers, thermostats, etc.

We have experience, technology and authorized personnel to design, execute and maintain any type of thermal installation work. We will respond promptly and professionally to all requests from our customers, individuals or legal entities.

Why choose our offer of thermal installations?

One of the most important aspects, which we care about in the execution of any type of installation work, is the advice in choosing the most suitable solution. Thus, if you need a project of installations, a modification to the heating system, capital repairs or maintenance for the equipment, our company of thermal installations is at your disposal with solutions and certified personnel.

Our designers and installers are authorized by ANRE, they can design and implement specific works of maximum complexity. Among the most requested services are the maintenance and upkeep of thermal installations.

The team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.