Finding qualified and suitable personnel to perform various high precision technical works, is not easy thing to do. Gaining the necessary experience and advancing to professional level involves specialization courses and months and months of practice. Therefore, whenever you need a qualified welder, for projects that require special welding methods, you can confidently call on SERVICII NON STOP.

Many production and manufacturing processes involve using the services of a certified welder for a specified period. Those critical or related to the repair of pressure equipment need increased safety measures and experienced welding personnel. Because there is often no time to train a team member or to quickly find a qualified employee, we recommend hiring staff or hiring a company to outsource personal welding services.

What type of welders and welding services can you contract from Serviciinonstop.ro?

There are many businesses that require professional welders. We know the specific challenges very well, and we have staff with specialized training to perform any activity of this type. We can provide professional welding services for the execution of quality works, with professional welding equipment and qualified welders.

We meet the needs of customers with works performed with modern technology, with teams of professionals. Welded joints made by our highly qualified staff are the best solutions for strong metal connections, with mechanical properties clearly superior to other methods.

We offer welding services through various processes. Depending on the form of energy used, we perform works through three methods:

  • electric welding - electric arc welding, electron beam, etc.;
  • welding with chemical energy, - with oxyacetylene flame, in forging fire, etc.;
  • welding with mechanical energy - by friction, percussion, cold pressure.

Our team of welders can perform any type of operation, to the highest standards. The fields in which we operate are numerous, wherever there are metal parts to be joined, in the machine building, metallurgical, processing, mining, etc. industries.

We can also make ornamental, decorative or design welding works. Our staff can perform any type of work, no matter how complex or meticulous. Thus, you can call on us both for the repair of a bus and for the execution of the most beautiful gates, grilles, fences, metal railings.

Why choose a welder from SERVICII NON STOP?

There are many cases in which a company has to install a new production line or has to make a special arrangement or rearrangement, which requires a welder. To guarantee the quality of execution and to successfully complete the project, you can always call on a welder from us.

We have qualified staff, teams of experienced welders and specialized professional equipment for performing any type of welding. Whatever type of work you need a welder for, whether you are a company or an individual, we respond promptly to requests and offer competitive prices.

The ServiciiNonStop.ro team is always available for appointments and details about our services. You can also fill the form below and a member of our team will reply to you within the hour.