Wood Fireproofing

Wood Fireproofing

Fire safety is one of the aspects that interests us a lot when we have a house, a place or an office. The situation is even more pressing when we are dealing with wooden constructions or a lot of wood material. Therefore, turning to a company that offers fireproofing services is the best solution to reduce the risk and ensure the safety of our goods and lives.

Wood is an ecological, light, durable, easy to maintain and reconditioned material. Purchase prices are not very high. It is ideal for building an attic, a balcony or a terrace, a holiday home or to decorate a restaurant, local or rustic space. However, if a number of preventive measures are not followed and not properly treated, wood can become a highly flammable material.

What does the wood fireproofing service mean?

Fireproofing is a special treatment applied to wood or combustible materials, which can ignite easily. The aim is to delay their ignition as much as possible, to make them burn harder and to reduce the speed of flame propagation, in case of a fire. The procedure consists in the application of flame retardants on the surface of the material and has the role of inhibiting combustion, minimizing the risks in case of fire.

The wood fireproofing process changes the behavior of this material in contact with flames. By treatment, it becomes more resistant, the fire can be extinguished faster and thus greater damage can be avoided.

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To be safe, any wooden construction should be subjected to this treatment with flame retardants. For maximum efficiency it is good that this intervention is applied in a certain concentration and uniformly, right from the construction phase. If the most suitable substances are used, the duration and strength of the entire arrangement is significantly extended.

The process and the substances used are not harmful to humans, pets and the environment. Due to its long-term advantages and benefits, it must be considered as a necessary and useful investment.

Why opt for a fireproofing from Serviciinonstop.ro?

Fireproofing of wood is a necessary treatment for all types of constructions and arrangements that use this type of highly flammable materials. In order for the process to run smoothly and for its results to be truly effective, fireproofing must meet certain conditions:

  • to be made at the beginning of construction;
  • to be restored whenever changes are made and the protective layer may be affected;
  • be applied according to the manufacturers' recommendations, evenly, in the appropriate amount;
  • to be performed by a team of professionals.

We at NON STOP SERVICES are at your disposal with everything you need to carry out the best quality fireproofing works. Whether you need services for a wooden house, an attic, a terrace, a pension, a place or a restaurant, we can help you with fireproofing solutions and projects, in accordance with the most demanding standards. We have the necessary authorization to perform any type of fireproofing. For maximum efficiency and compliance with applicable laws for premises, we can also perform textile fireproofing.

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